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What is Covered in Your New Car Warranty?

When you are looking at the various car finance options for your next vehicle purchase, spare a thought for the cost of extending the warranty. Although all new cars come with a standard warranty from the manufacturer, there will be limits to this cover both in terms of the details and the timeframe over which it is offered.

One of the easiest and best ways to investigate what is covered in a new car warranty is to ask the salesman to show you the warranty book before you finalise your purchase. Although this might be seen as an unusual step it is the only real way you will find out the details of what is covered by the warranty and to have an exact understanding of what you will receive.

It is important to ask questions and to make written notes in front of the salesman in case you have to rely upon the information at a later date. Some purchasers have taken the unusual step of having the details of the warranty, as explained by the salesman, written into the invoice of the vehicle so that there are no future misunderstandings.

Bear in mind however, that irrespective of what the dealership tells you, there are still legal limits on the manufacturer that cannot be affected by what the salesman says. If you rely upon what the salesman says you may find yourself in a battle with the dealership rather than the manufacturer.

You should always check the warranty details for your new vehicle and ensure that there is adequate coverage for the following items.


    • The drivetrain. This is basically what make sure car go! Things like the engine and transmission will fall into this category and it would be a rare warranty that does not include this coverage.
    • Environmental and emissions coverage. Most vehicles are required to have an emissions control unit installed in every new vehicle. The new car warranty should also cover the performance of these units for a specified period of time.
    • Accessories. Every vehicle manufacturer will provide limited coverage for any accessories purchased. In some cases there will be a short period of time for which these accessories are covered, but exclusions will apply to aftermarket sales and things like batteries and filters which, in themselves, have their own warranties provided by their individual manufacturers.
  • Corrosion and rust perforation warranties will usually be listed under the standard warranty arrangement. You should be careful however to read the details in this section as it is unlikely manufacturer will be liable unless it can be established that the fault was manifested during manufacture. Fair wear and tear provisions will apply here which mean that if you have not looked after your car properly, the responsibility can be sheeted home to you personally.


The limitations of new-car warranties may convince you to include an extended warranty in your car loan package. This is the only way you can achieve peace of mind by knowing that your car will be covered adequately for the years beyond the normal warranty.

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